The Art of Intimacy

6-month in-person & on-line intensive 


What You'll Learn  

I describe Art of Intimacy as ‘an online and in-person six-month intensive,’ but it's hard to capture the experience fully in words. Those of you who've done deep self-development work and/or body-centered practices know the intensity, rich connections and transformation that can develop in the context of individuals committed to going deep.

A few of the topics we will explore together are Attraction, Seduction, Child As The First Responder, as well as Sexual Body Readings and Sexual Fantasy Constellations (see full list below). These are some of the issues we investigate throughout the program and some of the most common struggles I’ve witnessed during my 25 years of experience in body work, counseling, energy healing and sexuality.

The invitation is to bring your own challenges and perhaps struggles relating to yourself and/or others. I'll create and guide tailored experiences to help you understand what intimacy means for you and how to bring more freedom and choice to your experiences and relationships. You bring whatever you struggle with, whether about relating to yourself or others. I'll create and guide tailored experiences to help you, specifically, know what intimacy means for you and how to bring more freedom and choice in how you experience it.

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How the Program Works

Four 3-day in-person group workshops

Weekly video community gatherings with your cohorts

One-on-One coaching with me (Lynn Kreaden)

One-on-One coaching with a team mentor

Homework practices “Play Dates” to deepen and integrate your learning into everyday life

Details and dates for New York City are here.


The heart of this program is four separate three-day intensive workshops. Something transformative happens when individuals committed to self-honesty and growth gather as a group. I've run sensuality workshops, bodywork (somatic psychology) weekends, and weekly process groups for decades; over this time, I've developed practices (movement, vocalization, interaction/connection, cognitive) that my clients say give them life-altering insights. These workshops go deep and can be intensive and challenging — but they are rewarding in the way that only these kinds of group intensives can be.


For the entire program of The Art of Intimacy, we'll meet weekly in a private group video conference. I've designed dialogue and body practices that can be done online and have the same or similar impacts as in-person work. And learning goes deeper when the same group meets with regularity. These will be "curated" sessions, in which I'll continue to guide the group and provide personalized attention to build on the insights from the in-person workshops.


Private sessions with Lynn can be invaluable. To build on the self-development you'll experience through the weekend workshops and weekly video gatherings, I'll hold private (remote) sessions with each participant. We'll connect in a healing space where you can bring all of you, without shame or judgment, and reclaim your power to experience intimacy in your life the way you'd want it.


Over decades, I've created a range of subtle-energy practices to heal and empower my clients' sense of love, sensuality, pleasure, and power. I'll share these, along with personalized variations tailored to you, specifically, that you can use to create real changes in your life and relationships. These "at-home" practices are an important part of your journey; they're a chance for you to take responsibility to integrate your experiences and make the knowledge "your own". 


In addition to coaching with me (Lynn), you'll have one-on-one sessions with a mentor who has demonstrated a matured and embodied understanding of the concepts.  

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  • Understand Your Seduction Style:

    How you give yourself away or manipulate the "other"

    — subtly or obviously — to get what you want (or think you do). 

  • Uncover Your Attraction Patterns:

    What pulls you toward someone and turns you off about others.

  • Find Your True Invitation (women & women-identified):

    How to stay fully open as you give deeply; understand that it's you
    — not "the other" — who is fulfilling your need for connection.

  • Ground Fully from Your Cock & Balls (men & men-identified):

    Being able to fully inhabit your sexuality
    — without holding back your power or your vulnerability.

  • Uncover How Your Heart and Sex Are Split:

    Understand physically how your heart and sexuality are connected
    (or not, as the case may be) and learn how to bring them into communication
    to create deep connection within yourself as well as intimate relationships.

  • Differentiate Your True Needs and Desires:

    The unmet needs of your inner child control your adult interactions;
    how to make new choices

    to create the relationship(s) you really want.

  • Understand the True Meaning of Consent:

    How to determine where you are a clear yes and no
    and where your boundaries are permeable. 

    Learn how to clearly feel your own boundaries (emotional and sexual)
    and how to attune to the boundaries of others. 

  • Unravel Shame:

    The powerful experience of a "sexuality body reading;" releasing shame
    about your body and your emotional and sexual desires

  • Distinguish between Boundaries and Defenses/Resistance: 

    The difference between a boundary (an actual energy transmission)
    and a defense (a response to fear). 

  • Discovery through Sexual Fantasy Constellations: 

    Unwind the unmet need that’s hidden in your erotic fantasies.

  • Working with Trauma: 

    Finding and releasing the imprints from trauma that impedes
    your ability to fully engage in all aspects of life.

The Art of Intimacy?

FIRST, as I said above, this work combines my passion for guiding others to aliveness and freedom of heart and sensuality, with my decades of experience in energy healing, counseling, sexuality and sexuality healing, and intimacy.

I want you to really get how fucking amazing you are and how precious and wanted your being is. I want you to understand that true intimacy is not only about sex — but about deep connection to yourself first, and only then, with another.

SECOND, what I've come to learn is just how much the unmet needs of our childhood dictate who we are as adults. Even those of us who've done deep self-development work over many years may be less conscious of how much that inner child rules our relationships. It's one thing to know this theoretically; another thing altogether to understand it at the level of the body. This work is to support you in feeling completely free to make new choices that satisfy our needs as adults.

THIRD, I've discovered subtle aspects of how we constantly negotiate our relationships out of fear — of abandonment, rejection, being hurt, being shamed. I designed this program so that you can discover the internal strength that lets you be completely open and vulnerable when you choose to be.

FOURTH, the self-awareness and self-empowerment that create real intimacy bring incredible peace and a deep self-confidence. When we meet our deepest heart fears, we become free. From there, we can authentically connect with others, because we'll no longer be secretly angling for something we need. Instead of "re-acting" in fear, you will interact from the pleasure of self-knowledge, to create a "We space" where you are seen and you can see the other.

I want you to enjoy the freedom of full embodied pleasure, healthy boundaries & an open heart.


join me in this 6-month adventure

If you're still reading, it's because you want more out of love, relating, and sex.

What I know from running this program is that, if you engage fully, you will find your own authentic way of relating with others and discover the freedom and strength to create what you want. You'll do so while rediscovering an aliveness and freedom that, as adults, we often feel we've lost.

I feel privileged to have taken many people on this journey and their experiences still astound me every time. I am humbled by how vulnerable and open people are willing to be and how they find the courage to take such enormous risks.

To join The Art of Intimacy 6-month program,
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