It's All About The Love! Fish Or Otherwise 😎

After watching the video, I am still in the inquiry of love. (Watch Here) In my last newsletter and a subsequent Facebook live ramble (that lasted maybe a bit too long 😳 ), I've been on a quest to find what love actually is/feels like. My last newsletter asked the questions how do we know that what we are feeling is love and is it easier to give than receive? In the video above, the Rabbi talks about love and gives a great analogy about fish love.

A couple of things struck me as I watched. He says, "everyone loves themselves" as if it is a given, when, in fact, I find many people struggle with this. He also says something to the effect " you love to who you give”.  This statement gave me a little bit more of an understanding of what's been going on when I have that overwhelming urge to squish up whose in front of me.

And I am still left with this question: When I give, how much is coming from love? How much comes from possible gratitude?

I have been feeling a lot of overwhelming gratitude lately, mostly grateful for being alive, which has been incredibly palpable for some reason. I'm also grateful to be able to be in this inquiry with all of you. So maybe, for me, love does have something to do with gratitude. 

So my peeps, what say you? Are you in fish love or are you willing to be loved up? Do you give to who you love or love the one you give to?

Tell me about your love narrative! I'd love to hear from anyone who would like to contribute to the conversation.


LOVELynn Kreaden