Intimacy Weekend Retreat
to Sep 22

Intimacy Weekend Retreat

Intense Intimacy Workshop with Lynn Kreaden

Real intimacy is the willingness to show up in relationship moment to moment. Honoring our differences, listening, receiving and giving.

Come and experience the depth of true intimacy. 

What lives through you in the world of relationship.

Explore the ways you show up or don’t show up

Find your courage, your fears, your depth and the places that hold you back from stepping into your full YES! Yes to yourself, yes to relationship, yes to life.

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Men & Intimacy   Free Webinar
8:00 PM20:00

Men & Intimacy Free Webinar

What happens when you look across a room and see someone attractive? 

Can you look at them? 

 Can you approach them? 

What happens in your body?

Once you actually make the connection, do you find that you choose partners that are similar to others you have been attracted to in the past?  Have you wondered how that keeps happening? 

Join Lynn for this free hour webinar to explore how attraction works. 

Lynn is a gifted Somatic practitioner who understands the impact of trauma and how it can distort the purity of our innocence and stunt our ability for pleasure and connection as adults. 

Don’t miss this opportunity!

Join Lynn Tuesday September 17 at 8:00pm via Zoom

Here is the Zoom meeting link:

If you don’t have Zoom please download Zoom before the webinar begins at

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The Art of Intimacy Intro Workshop-Montréal
to Sep 1

The Art of Intimacy Intro Workshop-Montréal

As we know, intimacy is misunderstood. We think it’s sex or dating, or maybe revealing things about ourselves that make us feel vulnerable.

In fact, intimacy is a complex, subtle energetic exchange that affects every social interaction and relationship we have — from how we interact with attractive strangers walking down the street, to how we respond to family (triggers and all), to how we have sex with those we love and desire.

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