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Intimacy Weekend Retreat

Intense Intimacy Workshop with Lynn Kreaden

Real intimacy is the willingness to show up in relationship moment to moment. Honoring our differences, listening, receiving and giving.

Come and experience the depth of true intimacy. 

What lives through you in the world of relationship.

Explore the ways you show up or don’t show up

Find your courage, your fears, your depth and the places that hold you back from stepping into your full YES! Yes to yourself, yes to relationship, yes to life.

  • You will find your tenderness and your willingness.

  • You will find the places that feel small and uninspired.

  • You will meet your fears and what keeps you from your fullness.

  • You will find your beauty that has always been there inside and you will have the experience of being truly seen in your soaring greatness and deepest shame. No space will be left uncovered.

Please note, this workshop is not for the faint of heart. This will be a very practice heavy weekend. If you are ready to try something different, then this is your chance. The Monastic Academy residents live, work, and train together full-time. By joining, you will have the opportunity to dive deeply in this supportive, honest, and loving container to see more, feel more, and learn more.

Lynn is a healer with a lifetime of experience and training. She teaches internationally with a home base in New York City. It's rare for her to travel, but she's coming for a special weekend to the Monastic Academy as a service to the residents here. Don't miss your chance!

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