2016: The Year the Music Died

Last year saw the shocking loss of so many musicians that were the sound track of my early life: David Bowie, Prince, Leonard Cohen, George Michael, Leon Russell, Glenn Frye and Keith Emerson. I also need to mention Carrie Fisher and her mother, Debbie Reynolds; their death was the stunning culmination to the year 2016, which I am dubbing “the year the music died”.   

This prompted my year-in-review, as the losses brought home to me how much we live in the unknown. It made me aware of how fast time moves and how quickly things change. 

For me personally, it was a year of openings, possibilities and tremendous movement. It was also the year of watching structures I thought were impermeable, crumble.  

This past year, I was in Europe three times and in six different countries within a seven- week period. I launched the Art Of Intimacy Program, which was the first time I taught something that was totally created by what was inside of me instead of what was coming from the outside.  

I met some amazing people whom I feel privileged to have in my life. I found a place that fed me, rather than drained me. I realized that life was not going to live me, what I needed was to live it. 

 Here are my take-a-ways from 2016:

  1. Surrendering to yourself kicks ass! Surrendering to another is scary as fuck and totally worth it!

  2. Every time you’re attracted to someone, your child consciousness is the first responder. Understanding this will change your world.

  3. Vulnerability is the currency of your soul. Bank that shit and you will be taken to unimaginable places.

  4. Adulting is hard work.

  5. The Mona Lisa. That. Is. All.

  6. Loveisloveisloveisloveislove

  7. Being held while holding others, feels delicious.

  8. Fear has a smell.

  9. I am still hot as fuck! (bears repeating)

  10. Protesting and breaking my friend outta jail, kinda rocks! 

As I look back, I am amazed by the amount of change this last year brought. It feels like yesterday I was packing for my first trip to Europe after chemo. It’s been almost three years since my diagnosis, which I am now calling ‘The Great Turning” or “How I Got My Shit Together To Not Give One More Fuck!” Which is a total relief and highly recommended!

 So far, 2017 seems like it will be my ‘fuck it” year. “Fuck it” because you have no more time to waste and as a friend said to me today, “fuck it” totally with all of your being!

In the wake of so many life-changing events this past year, I think it’s time to be intentionally bold. To take no shit and get to get your boots out, because we are marching people! We are marching!

Lynn Kreaden