INTIMACY (in-tuh-muh-see) "into me, you see" Not One Fuck Given!

Usually when we say "intimacy", we think of sex. But without a deeper understanding of what intimacy truly means, connection — with others, but most importantly, with ourselves — is lost. And without a conscious, embodied experience of self-and other-intimacy, sexuality and sensuality can feel at times, dissatisfying and disconnected. Schools of body psychology, spirituality and energy consistently teach that sexuality and life force — our joy, our vitality, our success, our engagement with life, — are intricately linked.

Opening to conscious, body-centered connection with ourselves is usually a journey of rediscovery. Typically we retreat into behavior patterns learnt early in life that we hold in our bodies' tissue. Unraveling these patterns can be a challenging process — as well as the most freeing decision you can make. Imagine what it could feel like to reclaim your full sense of self, while experiencing how delicious life can truly be. Intimacy is the doorway that leads you into a more deeply felt life.

My work's overarching theme is Intimacy. People sometimes think that when you have sex, intimacy is a given. That isn't necessarily true. You can fuck without showing your vulnerability and heart, quite easily. In subtle or overt ways, you may gloss over a self-boundary in the heat of the moment. This can create a space where unwanted touch (given its flavor, pace, or disconnectedness) becomes something you just “get over” or tolerate.

How many times in your life have you been touched without your full consent, regardless of gender?

When you are not in touch with your full invitation that comes from deep inside your being, you essentially give yourself away. And this pattern speaks to all areas of your life—not just intimate relationships. (This element is particularly critical for women, since many of us actually “invite” our partner physically into our bodies.) 

For men, (of any orientation) the practice is about staying present while being willing to surrender your cock over to your partner, while touching them with your heart in your hands.

The practice for both partners is actually learning how to wait: to wait for yourself and all your parts, inside and out, to be a full “Yes!”, as well as attuning to your partner and “waiting” (giving space) for their full “Yes”. This is a delicate balance that requires exquisite “whole-being listening skills”—skills that you first need to master for yourself and then in relationship with others.

Join me in discovering how exquisite intimacy can feel. Explore workshops and training's, my blog writings, and client testimonials. I look forward to connecting with you.

Lynn Kreaden